Rouge in Love

A contest using Instagram to launch Lancôme’s newest line of lipsticks. Users were invited to submit photos corresponding to each of the three “moods” of Rouge in Love–corresponding to morning, dusk and night. The community voted, and each week, a winner was selected to win an enamel ring designed by Solange Azagury-Partridge.

Concept Statement:
In the morning you’re delicate pink, sweet shimmering shades as the day begins. Come nightfall, it’s a fiery red or deep violet, vibrant hues that steal the scene. Color is who you are. It’s your mood, whether coy or adventurous, flirty or bold. It’s an expression of your deepest feelings and your passing whims. Whatever the moment, whatever the mindset, there’s a color that corresponds, there’s shade that says it all.

Rouge in Love.
Color in your life.


Concept, copy, creative direction