A case study video for an interactive game created for the launch of Trésor Midnight Rose, from Lancôme.

Case Study video for The Midnight Rose Chase.

The Chase brought Lancôme record Facebook engagement, with 35% of visitors participating.

Midnight Rose climbed three spots in national fragrance rankings, into the top 10, over the course of the Chase.

The Chase increased Lancôme’s Facebook fanbase by 30%, the highest increase ever for a digital campaign.

Concept Statement:
A glance is cast. A secret is whispered. A storybook romance blossoms. We meet, we part, we lose each other in the sparkling boulevards of the city, only to reconvene in the violet glow of the midnight hour, the full moon our only witness. A clue is dropped. A dare is issued. Hide or seek? Suitor or siren? Cat or mouse? The game is on.

Dream of me. Pursue me. Don’t let me out of your sight.
Catch my heart if you can.


Concept, creative direction, copy, game mechanics