Armani Code Sport

A contest whereby users won prizes, including a trip to Las Vegas, for checking in at nightspots via Foursquare.

Concept Statement

Be that guy. The one whose entrance rivets everyone’s attention. The one whose mere glance seduces women and men alike. The guy whose clothes achieve that crucial combination of perfect refinement and perfectly effortless.

This guy is operating at the top of his game. He’ll drink you under the table and still make it to the gym by dawn. He always knows when to hit and when to stay. He’s long past eyeing the girl across the room—this guy is moving in for the kill and closing the deal. Every time. He’s not just excelling, he’s crushing the opposition.

He seems to have some special key. He’s cracked the code. The code that makes every girl lust for him, every guy bow to him, every door open to his irresistible wiles. He’s gained access to the secret underground of the midnight city.

Armani Code Sport.
Dive into the night.

Giorgio Armani

Copy, creative direction, game mechanics, social strategy